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Dear Beloved Christ the King Community,

This season of Lent we are listening deeply to our Old Testament readings, which focus on covenant and promises between God and God's people and also on God's people to each other and to all of creation.  We heard and reflected on the story of Noah last week.  This week we hear the story of God changing Abram and Sarai's names to Abraham and Sarah and promising this elderly couple that a child will be born to them.  I look forward to reflecting on this passage with you this week, both communally and individually.


Wednesday Time together for soup supper at 6pm, Creating a Singing Prayer with Cantor Ben at 6:40, and Holden Evening Vespers at 7pm, which will reflect on this passage (Join our Livestream Here)


Individual reflection using our "Embodied Promises" Lenten Journal

Many of you accepted the invitation and challenge to join me last Wednesday and our Holden Evening Vespers was robust with participants of all ages from 2 to 92.  Your collective singing in our circle of praise to God evidenced your embodied Lenten promises to God and to each other.  The presence of our extended community online amplified this praise and promise.   I am already looking forward to sharing time with you again midweek this coming week.

I encourage you to ponder this week what promises God makes to and through you and to embody those promises in your daily lives.

Grace and peace and even more....hope,

Pastor Jennifer

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay