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Happy Easter! Welcome, friends!

The new website for Christ the King Lutheran Church is now live!


My very first Easter at CTK was not only spent getting worship services online, but I also coded a virtual egg hunt into our previous website for the kids to enjoy during the onset of the pandemic. Because of this, it is such a joy to be able to extend this digital space to our community today, Easter morning. 

This is a mobile adaptive website - which means it was designed to have a unique layout depending on which device you are viewing it on. As it loads, the site recognizes the size of the screen and serves you the layout that was made for that viewport. Currently, it is best experienced on larger screens like laptops, TVs, tablets, and desktops.

I will be sorting out any sneaky, glitchy bugs and will continue building out current and new areas of the website over the next few months as we simultaneously develop our CTK church app later this year!

May this space enhance our experience of connectivity, keep us engaged with one another, continue to grow with us over time, and draw new folks to the Gospel and our doors both digital and physical.

On behalf of myself, dev. assistant Henry Goodrow, CTK IT consultant Jeff Vandervoort, the Technology Committee, and the CTK Staff, we thank you for your patience during this undertaking and we welcome your New CTK Website Feedback!

Please remember to bookmark and share with friends near and far!

Sending you peace, light, and source code,

Rachel McWhirter (she/her)
Director of Digital Ministry + Webmaster