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Dear Beloved Christ the King Community,

Today marks our 5th day of the Lenten season and a great question to ponder this week is:

What are you hungry for? 

As a child raised in the Roman Catholic tradition, I was often encouraged to "give up" chocolate for Lent.  I would crave chocolate, even more than usual, during Lent and look forward to Sundays when I could indulge in my favorite food.  As a child, I was not mature enough in my faith to draw a connection between self-indulgence and my own spiritual journey with God.  As an adult, I am pondering this week: What am I hungry for?  

I ask this question now in a figurative sense, rather than a literal desire for a particular food.  And I ask you to ponder this same question this week.  Are you hungry for authentic relationship?  Are you hungry for healing?  Are you hungry for community with God and others?  Are you hungry for a deeper and closer relationship with our Triune God?

We have 35 days left in Lent to ponder this question and to practice a new rhythm.  If possible, I encourage you to join me on Wednesdays to share a meal together at 6pm, to try out a new spiritual practice at 6:40pm, and then to come to Holden Evening Prayer at 7pm.  Please come to some or all of the evening with me, whether in person or online, and notice moments where your spiritual hunger is being satiated as we spend time in community with God and each other.  

What are you hungry for?

Grace and peace and above all hope,

Pastor Jennifer

Image by Alexander Stein from Pixabay