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Beloved Christ the King Community,

Many of you mentioned to me this past week that you were planning on traveling to view the solar eclipse in person.  Some were heading on long weekend camping trips, while others were driving out to Waco for a day trip to witness the eclipse.   The sense of excitement and maybe even a little bit of nervousness has been palpable and reminded me of our many hours of preparation during Holy Week as we got ready for each service.  

An eclipse can feel like a liminal space when time almost stands still, where one holds their breath waiting for the sun or moon to "return."   I wonder if this type of space was being experienced by the disciples in that upper room, as they held their breath, hoping and waiting for the Son to return.

Our darkest moments are often moments of fear and uncertainty, but also of great hope.  

Life can sometimes feel like a daily struggle with "not enough hours in the day" to accomplish tasks, often leaving spiritual wellbeing on the back burner.  Maybe life's busyness has eclipsed intentional time with God.  Maybe day end exhaustion has eclipsed prayer time.  Maybe social or school requirements have eclipsed spending time at our spiritual home in worship and community together..

The thing to remember about an eclipse is that even in the moments of greatest darkness, light shines forth, spilling out around the edges.  The Risen Christ, the source of illumination, spills out into our lives, even when one feels extremely busy or exhausted or stressed out.  

The light of Christ cannot be totally eclipsed, but shines forth both to you and within you bringing peace.

So please take a moment right now to close your eyes and feel that light, sense God's presence, and know that you are loved so very much.

Grace and much peace to you,

Pastor Jennifer


Image by Aristal Branson from Pixabay